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Soto syndrom

Geplaatst: 03 feb 2019, 22:03
door andreeabolohan
Good evening!My name is Bolohan Oana and I m living in London,UK.I have a 18 months daughter with Soto syndrom!I received the analysis results 1 months ago.She has overgrowth,the head form is specific for this syndrom,is more tall for her age.She doesn't have any medical problems,she is walking,react at what I m saying like a normal child.We want to move in Belgium and I am a little bit worried regarding my daughter problem.I want to give her at school and I hear that are special schools for this kind of childrens. But I want to start in a normal school because she is not so bad.Can you give me more informations about the integration of this kind of childrens with Soto syndrom?How could they be helped in Belgium?I will wait an answer from you!Thank you and have a good evening